Assess Your Digital Risk and Opportunity.

Internet Advisory Board (IAB) offers both free and paid digital assessments. It is critical that every organization take stock of their digital estate. We provide an objective and thorough assessment process that helps identify top areas of risk and opportunity. Our assessment process will help your organization better understand where you stand in the digital transformation process.

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Our Free Digital Status Assessment is a Valuable Tool.

We built a powerful digital assessment tool that every organization should leverage. The assessment is a thirty question survey that will help you identify the top digital strengths and gaps within your organization.

The tool is completely free and confidential. Once you complete the assessment, you receive private access to a scoring dashboard that highlights the top data points regarding your digital status.

After you review your digital status assessment results, we encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation to review your results and answer any questions you have. This is a powerful exercise that hundreds of organizations have taken advantage of on their road to digital optimization.

Our Digital Performance Assessments Help Identify and Remediate Your Digital Gaps.

Organizations large and small are facing an uphill battle to harness their digital opportunities. As the digital world evolves, there is greater risk for making mistakes that cost time and money in addition to the high cost of opportunity loss.

Our digital performance assessment process provides a deep dive examination of the processes, data points and execution inefficiencies that are preventing digital success.

Now is a perfect time to assess and optimize your digital function across the board. Digital transformation does not have to be a disruptive event for your organization. Proactive assessment and execution are the keys to success and we can help you identify the top digital areas that should be addressed and optimized with real-world solutions.

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