A Digital Advisory Board for Every Organization.

Imagine having a digital advisory board that proactively focuses on the execution of your top digital initiatives. Internet Advisory Board can help you form and manage a Digital Advisory Board that aligns with your strategic objectives to increase your digital performance and success while reducing costly mistakes.

IAB offers scalable Digital Advisory Board packages that can meet every budget. Our process is simple, efficient and will deliver measurable results immediately. Call us at 904-476-8890 to learn more about having your own Digital Advisory Board.


Does Your Organization Need a Digital Advisory Board?

Here are 5 compelling reasons:

  1. Digital transformation is impacting every organization. As a stakeholder or manager, you need objective insight and proactive execution to help reduce digital costs and increase performance.
  2. Your Digital Advisory Board will focus on the top areas of your digital function and drive for results using the talent you have with the leadership-driven board oversight you need.
  3. The impact of making digital mistakes and costs of lost opportunity can threaten your success online. IAB helps mitigate your digital risks and connects you with new growth and performance opportunities.
  4. A digital advisory board is like having your own in-house Chief Digital Officer without the costly risk of having one point of failure. Digital Advisory Boards increases the accountability of your entire team – from the top down and inside out.
  5. A Digital Advisory Board builds a stronger culture of productivity and performance. Stakeholders and managers rest assured knowing someone has their best interest in mind when it comes to managing their digital function.

To learn more about setting up a Digital Advisory Board for your organization, call us at 904-476-8890 for a free Digital Status Assessment and consultation.


What Does IAB Offer Organizations?

We identify digital inefficiencies and maximize online performance. This means examining the entire digital function including strategy, execution, online marketing, analytics, talent management and more. Our clients desire to optimize and convert top digital opportunities while mitigating costly mistakes. To do this, we offer three core services:

Digital Status Assessments (free and fee-based solutions).

Digital advisory board formation (creating the vision, team and operating procedures).

Digital Advisory Board management that facilitates strategic execution on top digital initiatives.

Here are what some of our clients have to say about working with Internet Advisory Board:

Here are what some of our clients have to say about working with Internet Advisory Board:

“As the founder and owner of a business to business service provider, we invest and rely heavily on digital technology to reach and engage our customers. Having a digital advisory board has reduced my concern of having a focused effort on execution. I find myself spending less time worrying about what we are doing online and spending more time running my business.”

“Working with Internet Advisory Board has been a huge asset for starting our business. Their knowledge and organizational experience in the digital space has taken our business model from concept to market much faster than we could have done on our own.”

“If you want to get your arms around what to do and what not to do online, then having a digital advisory board with IAB is the best option. This is no ordinary board. Since we started our digital advisory board, we have seen production and performance increase and have avoided several pitfalls. This is a valuable proposition for any organization that depends on their digital estate to conduct business.”

Companies are under increasing pressure to:

Maximize their online opportunity.

Limit risky decisions and unwarranted costs.

Limit risky decisions and unwarranted costs.

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