Let’s Increase Your Digital Performance.  Stop Wasting Time and Money Online!

Internet Advisory Board (IAB) was formed in 2015 and helps organizations succeed online by creating and managing proactive Digital Advisory Boards that align with the strategic goals of the stakeholders we serve. Our formula for success is simple; we believe that organizations need a Digital Advisory Board to save time, money and increase their performance online.

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How does Internet Advisory Board Work?

Think of Internet Advisory Board as your strategic execution partner for the most critical areas within your digital function. We create proactive digital advisory boards that align with your top digital goals and opportunities. We are experts in building digital advisory boards that focus on the most critical areas within your digital function.

According to Forrester Research, 74% of business executives say their company has a digital strategy yet only 15% feel they have the skills and capabilities to execute it. Let us help you build an Internet Advisory Board for your organization that focuses more on strategic execution than costly experimentation. Now is the time to stop wasting time and money chasing digital success.

Having a digital advisory board will help identify and correct digital barriers while converting your top performance opportunities. Our goal is to help you drive your success online by leveraging an interchangeable team of digital talent we hand select to serve as digital advisory board members.

To learn more about setting up a Digital Advisory Board for your organization, call us at 904-476-8890 for a free Digital Status Assessment and consultation.

What Organizations Benefit from Working With Internet Advisory Board?

Internet Advisory Board targets three primary client groups:

  1. Organizations that are not experiencing digital success and want transformation and actionable change.
  2. Organizations that are experiencing some digital success and require performance optimization.
  3. Organizations that want to protect their digital success and strategically plan for future growth.
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What do Clients Experience With Internet Advisory Board?

Everyone has a unique digital perspective. Our first goal is to understand and align to the needs of the organization and the primary stakeholders. We can rapidly identify digital inefficiencies and identify top opportunities that will help increase digital performance and success.

Our clients range from start-ups to institutional organizations that share a common interest in creating more digital value. Although we align to the organization, our real clients are the owners, stakeholders and managers that have a true desire to grow their digital assets.We are trusted digital performance partners that offer a level of strategic value that other staff, vendors and consultants simply can’t deliver. Having a digital advisory board becomes an integral part of the organization. Our clients quickly realize the significant value of having a digital advisory board within the first few sessions.

Our business model is based on developing long-term, valuable relationships with our clients. So few technology service providers spend the time to align with the needs and goals of their clients.
Internet Advisory Board is 100% client focused. We align to the needs of the organization and pay close attention to the needs of the stakeholders. We help organizations harness their digital potential while reducing the risks that often times limit online success.

Why Do Organizations Need an Digital Advisory Board?

The lines between digital innovation, marketing, social media, sales, data and cross-functional operations are all blending together. This is causing significant inefficiency and confusion for organizations. Stakeholders need objectivity and expert representation to protect and optimize the investments made in their digital transformation.

The market has become over saturated with digital “solutions” and “apps” and “gurus”. Our loyalty is to our clients needs and wants, not a product or platform. We help organizations make more effective decisions and execute more using less capital.

Companies are under increasing pressure to:

Maximize their online opportunity.

Limit risky decisions and unwarranted costs.

Produce measurable results (ROI).

Forming an Advisory Board to increase digital performance provides an objective, 3rd party management perspective that increases success while reducing the most common online development liabilities. We bring together a highly vetted group of experts and advocates that proactively push for you digital success. Our Digital Advisory Boards are proactive and execution driven. Call us at 904-476-8890 to learn more about forming a Digital Advisory Board for your organization.

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