7 Reasons An Organization Should Form a Digital Advisory Board

Unlike a Corporate Board of Directors, an Advisory Board for an organization’s digital performance is comprised of a group of technology and media marketing experts. The goal of the advisory board is to focus on the top issues and opportunities surrounding the digital transformation or optimization of the organization.

If properly formed, the Advisory Board can offer significant value to organizational stakeholders that want to maximize their digital success – from developing effective strategies to best-in-class execution processes.

Here are the top seven reasons to form a Digital Advisory Board:
1. Digital Advisory Boards can form and scale to include any number of individuals – from one stakeholder to any number of expert participants that can interchanged on-demand.
2. Digital Advisory Boards are proactive. They actively align with the goals and objectives of the organization and enhance and protect successes while mitigating risks, unwarranted costs and inefficiencies.
3. Digital Advisory Boards help create a top down culture of performance, no matter what execution model the organization uses to accomplish digital work.
4. Digital Advisory Boards are a great way to distribute responsibility and empower team members to contribute and become more involved in the overall success of the organization.
5. Digital Advisory Boards They are a powerful way to build consensus and make key, strategic decisions.
6. Digital Advisory Boards function as a neutral body to gather expert information and insight to work towards the common goal of increasing the digital asset value of the organization.
7. Digital Advisory Boards can easily flex and pivot to address digital priorities while maintaining a long-term view of the future to maintain alignment with the vision and mission of the organization.

Although forming a Advisory Board specifically for digital does not require the same challenges that managing a corporate Board of Directors involves, it does require a specialized and experienced approach. Identifying top goals and creating a culturally proactive board comprised of the right team members can be the difference between Advisory Board success and failure. Remember, the purpose of forming the Board in the first place is to increase digital performance and not to create further distractions that end up wasting precious time and resources.