Creating A Content Distribution War Plan

After you take great efforts in creating new content, the real work starts. Now, it’s time for content distribution. This is when get to play the role of air traffic controller, deciding what flight path your content can take to reach your top destinations.

If you think of content creation as a linear process – from outline to final draft – then content distribution would look more like the atomic structure of a complex element. It must be planned, executed and tracked properly or the hard work to create the content gets diluted.

So how do you structure your content distribution planning efforts in a way that will yield the best results? Let’s give it a shot.

Your Flight Plan
Every piece of content needs a flight plan or it will simply hang in the air without direction or purpose. If you have a great content asset but it never gets distributed, then do you really have a great content asset?

You need to understand the best places your content can be distributed and how you can connect that content to some goal or call to action to eventually track results.

Remember, your content distribution points are almost infinite, from sharing with one email contact to having it globally distributed through any number of channels including social, paid or even earned media outlets that want to push your content to their own markets on their dime.

Your goal is to match your content assets with the most relevant and purposeful flight plan that will yield the best results.

Track & Refine
It’s too easy to just launch a new content asset and never pay attention to its results. There are two major issues with this approach.
1. Without tracking and results data, you will never really know if your content is resonating with the right audience.
2. You will never be able to refine your distribution points to throttle the channels that work and stop the ones that don’t yield the results you want or need.

Tracking does not require a big data mentality but it does mean getting a few key data points that will help connect your content asset to its most successful flight plan.

Your Content Matrix
Over time, you can develop a highly effective content distribution matrix that takes into account the most important elements you need to consider. These include:
1. The purpose and audience of the content asset
2. The most relevant content distribution points you should include in your flight plan
3. The call to action (CTA) you want to include (this may vary per distribution channel)
4. The data you will collect that will help you understand success and failure points.

Think Process Over Event
Like most digital development and media efforts, content distribution is more of a process than an event. The most important aspect of creating a content distribution war plan is simply to start and refine over time.

When you have a good content asset, give it the best chance it deserves to release and reach the audience you want. If you repeat this process effectively over time while keeping organized and tracking results, you will soon have an efficient content distribution system. Then, you can optimize with small moves that create even bigger results to even more targeted audiences.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]